Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Raising Awareness to Prepare Families for Emergency Situations

Are You ready?
Before a disaster turns your world upside- Get Prepared!!!
September is National Preparedness Month. Everyone can prepare for emergencies by taking three steps.

This month, OEM and The Advertising Council team up to encourage New Yorkers to take some time and be ready for all types of emergencies. Develop a disaster plan and decide where you and your family will meet in the event of an emergency. Gather emergency supplies - some to keep in your home and others to keep in backpacks in case you must leave your home in a hurry. Finally, learn how to keep informed about the hazards you may face in New York City.

Today, everyone can take three steps to prepare for all types of emergencies:

1. Make a plan
2. Get a kit
3. Be informed

The main goal of the Ready New York City campaign is to encourage parents to prepare in the case of an emergency, both small and large, partially by staying informed through OEM’s Facebook page. September 2nd was the Launch of the Get Ready NYC: My Meeting Place Facebook application, which allows users to take the first step in making a plan by selecting and sharing your own meeting place with others.

Stay tuned for more information.

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