Friday, May 1, 2009

Fitness Friday

Today's May 1st & A new start for me. Ever since I came back from vacation I really haven't been putting in as much effort to lose more weight and exercise. So- it's a new month-what a great time for a new start. If you've read my posts -you would know that I don't own a WiiFit. I would love one but haven't had the extra money to purchase one(since my parents live next door & I use theirs) So- my mom hasn't been using hers-& she told me to take hers home. I did today but the only thing is, that I have to start over & re-open everything. I think this is a great opportunity for me to get back into my routine. Or better yet- start a new one. I am going to weigh in every morning & I am going to do at least 30 minutes or more at least 5 days a week. I like to do my workout-10 minutes hula hoop, advanced step & the 10 minutes boxing, then whatever eles. I will need to open these advanced things now so this will be good for me(because I like the harder ones (hula,boxing,& free step). I am going to find extra time & do more exercises & I need to get back to not eating at night. This has been my downfall lately. So-today I set a new goal & would like to lose 10 more pounds by summer. Since I am starting all over again I can keep good records of my Bmi & Weight. Today I am starting at 24.43 & 143. I Am proud of my progress but I am hopeful that I can get healthier,look thinner & more toned up. I will be reporting ever week in my Fitness Friday post so please help me to stay motivated. I love the Wiimommies and the wefitfamilies forums. Everyone try to eat healthy and exercise. (Using the Wiifit is Fun-You don't realize it's exercise) Also as the nice weather is approaching I will be going for walks. I hope you will too. Before I go I would like to mention that I have gotten quite a few compliments from people I see regularly about my weight loss. I'm glad they noticed. You wouldn't think that after losing 14 pounds it would be noticed. But it was. Thanks...Their compliments make me want to stay with it & lose more.


Julie@Momspective said...

I'm so glad you've found some great support forums to keep you motivated! We're thrilled to have you!

Colleen said...

ahhh I am sure you will open up the advanced stuff really quickly...just remember you have to go around and do different balance, yoga and strength training sometimes to get some of the aerobics open(if I remember right)..or vise versa.

Jen said...

Great post. Good job getting back on the wii fit. It's so helpful to me, it's totally nice of your mom to let you use hers. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading your post this Friday!