Saturday, February 28, 2009

WiiFit Olympics

Today was the WiiFit Olympics and I got a late start. First of all, I had to work today. I didn't get home util 3:00 And I was ready to participate in the "Olympics"
So I thought. I just turned on my Wii and was about to take my body test First and the electricity goes out. (GO FIGURE) I called the power company & the estimated time was about 8:00 pm. Great- I was so mad.--I couldn't even do my housework that needed to be done. Because you see, I live in the country with a well (a private water source) & when there's no electric-there's no water. So- my floors didn't get mopped, no dishes washed or laundry done. What a day.. Then I had to pick my daughter up from a birthday party and it was even later. So, finally the power was back on & ready to go. Well--I did really great at the Hula Hoop. Even beat my highest score of 3470 & go a 3479. I'm hoping to take a silver medal. My kids would like the ipod speaker. So, lets get our fingers crossed. Then the others I don't really do much. If I had time to practice, I might have gotten a better score. Oh Well. I love the WiiFit and it's fun exercise. My routine usually consist of the 10 minute hula hoop, 10 minute boxing, advanced step & free step. Then I try a few strength & yoga exercises. I generally don't play the games. I have only been using the WiiFit for about 3 1/2 Weeks. (And wanted to tone up & lose weight so thats why I stick with the Aerobics) So- I participated & think anyone who did should be awarded. I guess you are!! (Hopefully a bit stronger, more toned & maybe a few pounds lighter)
I would like to give a shout out to my sister Colleen. She's done Awesome & I hope she wins.
I've included my pictures here.


Colleen said...

You rock on the hoola hoop!

Julie said...

Ha! I just looked at the paper and was like. Syracuse Post Standard? What?! You all did a great job. Our intention was to get people up and moving. I think you kick butt girl and it was a great boost to see my hometown paper included!