Monday, February 23, 2009

Mamalicious Monday

Today is my first time participating in Mamalicious Monday. This is a fun bloggy game for mom's from The Gift Closet. My sister does this on Monday's & got me interested.

I will start by sharing some insight of my family. I have a beautiful daughter-Kylee's who's 10 now. She is doing great in school. This report card she made High Honor Roll Again. She loves to read, play Nintendo games (Wii & Ds lite), watch TV, play sports, Fish with Daddy & lots more. (I would be here all day) She's always been such a sweet, polite girl but lately she's been getting mouthy to me. She yells & thinks she can do what she wants all the time & she thinks she doesn't have to do what I ask her to. OOH- she's learning the hard way. (She was grounded for most of Winter Vacation last Week) I hope I can get this under control now before it gets worst. The Joys of being a Mom. Dad doesn't really help too much-he doesn't want her not to like him or be the bad guy. Sound Familiar???

Then There's my son Connor-who's 7 now. He loves everything mostly. He likes to play on the Wii & with his Ds lite too. He loves to go fishing with Daddy & hunting. He plays all sports & is pretty good at them too. He's likes to be buzy. He's a good little boy most of the time. My little sweetheart. He still thinks I'm Great. I'm hoping to keep it that way. Yesterday he got mad at me & tried to yell. I looked at him & said "you are not being very nice & you are not going to talk that way to me". Then he looked at me (with that sad look) & said I'm Sorry. He knew better. (I guess its the age). I hope..
I love both my children very much & sould count my blessings. My children are pretty much very healthy & happy. They are spoiled but not like some kids. I give them what they need but not always what they want.

My husband told me to get a hobby. (I have one-shopping but right now I can't afford it) He told me this (to get a hobby)--because he likes to go hunting & fishing ALOT!!!! So- I started visiting blogs, entering giveaways, making new friends & now I Spend too much time on the computer. Go Figure!!!???!!!!
Until next time- Have a Good One!!!!!


shawn said...

Received email saying there was problem with blogger & I changed my settings-so I wanted to see if this was working now.

shawn said...

It looks like this is working now-thanks Colleen for email & I'll wait for your comment.

shawn said...

Thank you to Wenda for stopping by again. I think the comment problem is fixed now. I hope...She left me this email:
Good morning, Shawn, I wanted to let you know that I tried repeatedly to leave a comment on your site this morning. However, I think Blogger is unfortunately still acting up. The word verification does not appear. In any event, I still wanted to pass along my comment love to you.... Mamalicious Monday is a great idea for a blog carnival and not one that I have heard of before. I definitely have to check out your link. Thanks! Loved reading your description about your kids this morning. Sounds like you are one lucky Mom! Oh, and that compulsive blogging thing, well, what can I say? We all have our vices. :)

Colleen said...

checking to see if you work