Monday, March 2, 2009

Mamalicious Monday

Well- It's Monday already. We had a buzy weekend. Saturday I worked, waited around for the electricity to come back on, played on the wiifit & entered the olympics( read my last post) It was really fun. My 10 year old daughter played too & my mom even tried to see if she could do better on the island run. That really wasn't my best event. Well-the only event I did Great on was the Hula Hooping & I took the silver medal with 3479 spins. That's my all-time best. The winner had 3 more with 3482. Congrats to her. I want to mention my sister Colleen who kicked butt. She won the Overall top prize and took the silver in the island run & the bronze in the penguin slide. Check her blog out for her details on her win. And Congrats!!!! After reading about all the hard work & effort she put in -she really deserves it...
Sunday wasn't as busy. We went to church, church school (I teach the 4th graders),then to my parents house. My mom & sister Carrie, my son & I went shopping. I needed to get a dress for my sister-in-laws wedding. It's going to be here before we know it. (March 21st) I needed some help picking out the dress I was getting. My mother's & Sister's opinions helped me choose the right one. Of course my son, Connor told me they all looked good. He's only 7 & I couldv'e put the ugliest one on & he wouldv'e still thought it looked good. LOL My daughter & nephew stayed home & played Webkins on the computer while grandpa looked after them. Connor got a new Webkin at the store & they helped him play after we got back.
So, It's Monday already & I had some house cleaning to catch up on. The Laundry was piling up. I had to sweep that lovely dog hair (From Buddy-yellow Lab) that gets all over. I can't wait for Spring & the dogs go outside more. Then mopping & I stopped my cleaning to write this & read my email & enter into some giveaways I'm hoping to win. Well anyways- I guess I don't have much time to use do this...I still need to do more cleaning (that's never ending at my house), play on the wiifit, eat something & go to work tonight. Hopefully I will get all the stuff done I need to, just in time for the kids & hubby to make more messes. That seems like the story of my life. Or is that what most moms do??? If you would like to participate in Mamalicious Monday stop by The Gift Closet to find out how.


Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by The Gift Closet & playing Mamalicious Monday again. Sounds like you had a busy weekend!! :)

The Gift Closet

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Oh my goodness...can we please take a moment and pause for this statement...3479 spins in hula hooping. You are a wonder!

I can't believe that 3479 spins only warranted a silver medal. Had you been hooping it up in my house, you would have swept the entire competition for sure. :)


Colleen said...

yep with hoola hoop scores like those we know why Pete has stuck around all these!

All that cleaning for your hubby and kids just to mess it up again!