Saturday, November 5, 2011

I love to Cozy up by the fireplace as the seasons change

Home is where the heart is!!! My Mom loves her home. She has lived in it all but 10 years of her life. She grew up in this house and when my Grandparent's decided to downsize and build a smaller home a few miles away, my Mom had to have the house she grew up in. It has many memories for her and us too.

My Parent's have a beautiful fireplace in their living room. This fireplace is also very sentimental. My Grandfather and his friend built this beautiful fireplace themselves, back in the day. The fireplace is beautiful to look at and when the weather starts to get cooler, it gets used quite often.

(Here's a picture of my Parent's standing in front of it)

As the season switches from Daylight Saving to Standard time, and the nights are getting longer, I love to sit and relax by the fireplace. The crackle of the fire and the warmth in the air justs gives you that cozy feeling.

As the Holiday's get closer, my Mom decorates the top of her fireplace with her Christmas Villages and it looks so festive. She hangs our stockings and it brings back those memories of us as kids, awaiting Santa and a gift. As we get older, we realize the gifts we have are a great family and getting to spend so much time together.

There is nothing like, just sitting and relaxing by the fireplace. We really enjoy it especially while it's cold and snowy outside and warm and cozy inside. There's just something about it!

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well I like that pic...."light a light for mito"!

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