Friday, November 4, 2011

Duraflame's 1000 Ways to Start Something Good Contest- Enter to Win!

As the nights get longer and winter begins to settle in, Duraflame is kicking off the holiday season with a Facebook contest to inspire fans to start something good in their homes and with the environment.

The “1,000 Ways to Start Something Good” Facebook contest recently launched and will run through February 29, 2012, with the Duraflame Facebook community voting to select two $5,000 winners.

“Our hope is that this contest will remind people that the spirit of the holiday season is about being with those you cherish and sharing good will,” said Crystal Wohle, brand manager of Duraflame, Inc. “We’re looking forward to the Duraflame community coming together and sharing how they start something good with their families, friends, and doing even the little things that improve our environment, inside and out.”

This contest invites people to submit a photo, video or story on Duraflame’s Facebook page that describes how they started something good in one of two categories:

· Good Experiences – Sharing a story about their perfect experience around the fire with friends, family or other loved ones.

· Good Environment – Sharing a story about how they did something good for the environment.

From here, people simply need to share their story, photo or video. Winners are selected based on votes on Duraflame’s Facebook page

Those interested in sharing a story, photo or video about how they start something good will need to do the following:

~“Like” Duraflame’s Facebook page
~Submit their best fireside experience or memory, or their most inspiring story of helping the environment to the contest tab on the Duraflame Facebook page.
~Entries can be a written story, video or photo.

The Facebook community will vote on the best entry in both the Good Experience and Good Environment categories. The submission with the most “Likes” in each category will win $5,000. The money can be used to create more memorable experiences or given to a favorite cause.

Enter to Win!!

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