Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Switches that make a Difference

Life is Busy!!! Having tween children that play sports and that are involved in many activities, leaves us all less time to spend together. Less Family time and less adult time. My husband and I are going to be celebrating our Fifteen Wedding Anniversary coming up on April 20th. Wow! Time Flies!!!
Before the children... We had alot more time to spend together. We used to go out to dinner, the movies, go where ever and when ever we pleased. Now, we don't get that luxury. I wouldn't change having the children, just my hubby and I need to spend more time on just "US".
(Switching...To make the Time!)
We are starting to make the time! We need to make dates, so that we can have some adult time. Making a "Date" or plans ahead of time allows us to set a schedule so that we can plan on where the kids will be or who is watching them. We have made plans to try to get out alone without the kids at least on night a month. I would love to make it more but right now we are really busy.
We are planning game nights with our friends and their families too. This works great for all of us. We have been taking turns with two other families, by hosting the event at each of our homes. We have dinner, usually the kids eat with the kids and adults are all together. This works out great because we all have kids similar in ages and they all get along. Then the kids play the wii or other games and the adults have been playing cards and stuff. We have really enjoyed these game nights and are trying to plan at least one a month.
I need to switch things up a bit too and surprise my family with special treats. This doesn't have to be anything costly, just me making my kids their favorites treats occasionally. They love baked goods like cookies and my husband loves it when I make cheesecake. Anything I can do to make things alittle sweeter. Everyone loves a good snack.
Now, that the weather is getting nicer, I would love to switch things up a bit and take the family out for a nice walk and a picnic. Who knows, maybe this weekend. Spring is here and I'm ready for a change.... A change in priorities,food, activities and a happier way of thinking.

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