Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top 10 Family Vacation Tips

Remember When?....
Remember when family vacations were simple, fun and free from all of life's modern distractions?

The kids are playing video games in the car...
Dad is on the phone or his laptop secretly working...
Mom is tweeting away on her phone or writing her blog ...

Back then...
Vacations were all about the vacation. How can we bring back the simplicity to create magical memories for your family? This is the Question...?????

TwitterMoms is launching a brand new travel channel--and to help get the content rolling, our friends at Alamo have graciously sponsored a blogging contest open to the TwitterMoms community.
So, I'm participating...
How do you plan a family vacation that's all about family togetherness and fun, where everyday distractions don't get in the way?

Here's my Top 10:

#1 Good Planning: Pick a date for your vacation that won't interfer with work or hobbies.

#2 Family Involvement: Try to have the whole family plan a special vacation. Try to do something that all of you will enjoy.

#3 Allow extra time: Make a plan and always allow extra travel times. You never know when you are going to run into bad weather conditions, or heavy traffic. #

#4 Bring a Friend: Have each child bring a friend. This will give them someone to talk and play with to keep them busy and avoid fighting with their brother or sister.

#5 Music makes the ride fun. Bring a variety of CD's and types of music to chance things uo. Or Sing... The kids love this.

#6 Play travel games like "I Spy" this will keep you all involved and help you be aware of the surrondings. Another fun one is counting flags or looking for different states lincense plates.

#7 Take Books. Adults and children like to read.

#8 Bring Drinks and snacks. I always like to pack healthy snacks and drinks. This will avoid some stops and save you money.

#9 Bring Coloring Books and crayons or Paper to draw. This is fun and passes the time. Kids can also play Tic Tac Tow or Hangman. Or they can write in a journal.

#10 Have the kids pack a "fun Bag" This should include cards,games,toys, and things to keep them busy.

Remember to Have Fun!!!
Take pictures and make a scrapbook. This is great to look back at and remember all the fun and good times you had. You can do this as a family project after your great vacation.

Make Memories: I have alot of great childhood memories. We were lucky enough to go on family vacations every year. Thanks Mom and Dad.

If money is the issue: You can still do family vacations,instead of going to Disney World try Camping. We love to go camping. Just Remember the Marshmellows. Making Smores is a Bonus to Camping.

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