Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Me Monday

I'm not lying here, being lazy today. Nope Not me!!! I do not have any house work to do, my house is spotless!!! I am not making the kids clean their rooms, not me.
I am not looking forward to going to the dentist, well actually, I am!!! I have had a killer toothache since Saturday and I can't wait until my appointment at 1:30. Then maybe I can get my house organized and feel like doing something special with the kids this week. They have the whole week off from school for Winter Break. I did not bribe them with helping me do extra cleaning and making sure their rooms were spotless in order to have friends over, Not me!!!


~Shelley~ said...

LOL! I do the same thing! I tell my kids that if they clean their room...a friend can come over! That's about the ONLY way they will clean their rooms!!

Have a good day!

Colleen said...

They should be doing all that anyways...and hope the dentist appointment helps with the toothache!

Janine said...

Good luck at the dentist. BTW,
There's a little something for you here :)