Sunday, June 21, 2009

This is my First Book Review

This story is one we received from the Thomas Nelson Book Review blogger program.

This children's book,"The Wackiest,Wildest,Weirdest Animals in the World" by Jack Hanna, is all about different animals. This book contains beautiful photos of the animals taken by Rick A. Prebeg. I think that children of all ages would really enjoy this book. This book will teach any reader interesting facts about thirty different animals. You will learn Wacky facts about animals like the Blue-footed Booby and the Binturong. You will learn what makes a Black Rhinoceros and a Lion Wild. You will learn about what makes the Armadillo and the Okapi Weird. This book is a great size and each page has many large, colorful, and exciting pictures that will interest and keep your child's attention. You will find many intersting facts like where these animals live,what they eat and how big they get. If this wasnt enough, this book also comes with a Dvd that includes bloopers from Jack Hanna's Into the Wild. I would really recommend this book for children interested in animals.
(Parents reading this may enjoy and learn something new too)

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