Friday, June 19, 2009

Fitness Friday

I'm back... Last Friday was so busy.. I had to go to school for the kids activities and then the day flew right by. The week flew too. So, here it is Friday again. I am feeling pretty good. My BMI is 23.11 now & I'm at 135. I've lost alittle weight this week and I'm starting to look pretty good. I still want to lose alittle more (5-10 pounds would be great!!) My BMI Goal is 22 and I'm starting to get closer. I'm not too concerned about the weight part -I know muscle weighs more & I just want to be toned. And I'll have to say I'm getting there. I am getting pretty active and I feel better. I am Happy with my efforts --These last pounds are coming off alot slower though. I am increasing my work-outs. I finally beat my high score on the 10 minute Hula hoop-I got 3503 spins. Yeah me!!! I just got the EaSports Active Game for my Birthday this weekend. Thanks to my parents!!! I started the 30-Day Challenge on Monday. I've only done it for 5 days & 3 workouts. I did it on Monday & Tuesday then Wednesday was my rest day & I had to take an extra day off on Thursday(ran out of time) so it's Friday & I've done 3 workouts. I wish that you burned more calories in a shorter period of time but I guess you can if you do preset routines. I'm going to stay with the challenge but today I worked out alittle extra. I think that the upperbody workout with the arms,shoulders & back is good for me. I haven't used this game enough to give my opinion on it yet. I think that some of the exercises I like and some are ok. I will see next week as I use it more. Until than... Have a nice Weekend And Happy Father's Day.


Colleen said...

Happy bday again! You are doing great..cant wait to see your new look!

Julie@Momspective said...

Ooh, I haven't even got that low! I was there for about a day then my parts decided to go nuts and now I'm having that operation. I'm hoping I have a 10 pound uterus lol.

Janna Bee said...

Wow, I only wish I was 135- congratulations!