Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tomorrow I will have a Guest

Tomorrow is the Blog Swap-Phase One & Saturday is the Twitter Party. I am very excited & would like to win a WiiFit and/or the other great Wii Prizes. If you've visted here before; You know that I'm new to the BloggyWorld & new to usiing the WiiFit. I guess maybe I'm not brand new at using the WiiFit. It's been about almost 6 weeks now. I've been trying to use the WiiFit for a hour hour at least 5 days a week. It's been going good. I have dropped to Average and I'm not Overweight according to the Wii. I haven't really seen any weight loss this week but I have noticed the weight loss in how my clothes fit. I'm hoping to firm & tone up more. The next two weeks I will be in Florida on vacation & I hope not to gain any of the weightloss back. I know I will be eating out alot. We have tons of Wedding plans. Wednesday night-dinner out with family & meet my brother-in-laws family. Then Thursday we have a bridal shower, Friday is rehersal & dinner. Then Saturday's the Wedding. I will be eating & drinking(Hopefully will dance off some of that) Sunday we are going to be resting & going to the beach. (Not sure on dinner) Then Monday-we're off to Disney for three days. (Eating Out) Then so on...I guess You get the point. I will not be usiing the WiiFit while on Vacation but I will try to do some of the strength training exercises & will be walking alot.I know I will be eating differently. Hopefully- just not over eating. So- I guess We will see -How I do When I write in the Fitness Friday Post the following Week. Wish me luck & keep up your efforts.
On Friday I will be having a GUEST here. This person is someone I've known for a very long time & Care for very much. She's my sister--Colleen_Mouse. I Know You will like her. She's Awesome. She's the one who helped me set up my own blog And she got me involved with the WiiMommies & many of the other blogs I follow. I could go on all day talking about her; I'm sure if you know her or visited her blog -You've already been thinking that she's great yourself. So please stop on by tomorrow & see what Colleen has to say. I'm very proud of her!!!! She's been doing very good at losing weight & exercising on the wiifit.
If you would like to see what I have to say on Friday then please stop by Cheekysweetie's site & visit As I will be her Guest for the Day. I'll share more later..


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