Friday, May 20, 2011

My Family's Favorite Road Trip

I have Family that lives close to me and some family members are half way across the United States. So, this said we like to make road trips to visit them.

I Live in New York and my Sister and her family live in Wisconsin. It's about a 15 hour drive. We try to make the trip a couple times a year, if the drive wasn't so far we would go more often.
My Husband's Mother and Sisters and their families live in Flordia. So , we like to make that a early Spring road trip. That's about a 24 hour drive and we like to shorten up the trip by stopping in at my Father-in-laws house to break up the trip. He lives in North Carolina ,about half way on our way. Of course, when You go to Florida.. You got to go to Disney World! (one of my kids favorite places).

Traveling can be tough!! For us all... I like to pack drinks and snacks and the kids like to watch movies and their Nintendo Ds. We also like to listen to music and play travel games to shorten the trip.

Twizzlers® Candy, the perfect on-the-go treat, is helping to sweeten family travel this summer with the Twizzlers Landmark Summer™ promotion. The promotion gives consumers the chance to win a trip to a well-known United States destination plus daily, road trip-themed prizes throughout the summer.

According to family travel expert Emily Kaufman, “The Travel Mom,” families are starting to think past the backyard “staycation” and are rediscovering the freedom of the open road. Kaufman shares the following tips for a fun and safe family road trip:

■Create a boredom bag. Convert a hanging travel cosmetic case into a case full of fun and hang it from the seat back in front of the kids’ seats. Consider creating fun works of art with Twizzlers
Pull ‘n’ Peel Candy before snacking on them!
■Take your trip “online.” From GPS systems to phone applications, trips are no longer a navigation nightmare.
■Think through the snacks you pack. Avoid packing snacks that are easy to spill like juice boxes or snacks that melt. Try plastic bottles with sports tops and bring along Twizzlers Candy or Twizzlers Nibs Candy – they are easy to share and don’t melt, making them the perfect car ride treat.

*Disclosure: I wrote this post as I'm entering a contest for a Twizzlers Landmark Summer promotion prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.*

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Colleen said...

We sure did always have Twizzlers on any road trips when we were growing up! Luckily Mom always shared!