Sunday, January 13, 2013

Esio Hot and Cold Beverage Dispenser ~Review~

I was selected to host a "Drinks on Us" Party courtesy of MomSelect and Esio.
Before this opportunity, I had never heard of the Esio Hot and Cold Beverage Dispenser.
Boy was I missing out!! I LOVE This and really want you to check it out!!!

The Esio Hot and Cold Beverage Dispenser does just that-- it dispenses hot drinks as well as cold drinks.
I'm not a coffee drinker, so the thoughts of spending alot of money on a K-cup coffee machine really was of no interest to me, or having it take up the space only to use when I had guests over.
Having 2 children and a husband who all likes different drinks, makes the Esio the perfect machine for us.  This way, I can offer coffee and tea along with juice and more for my family and guests.

This is Great for everyday use and Especially Great for Parties as you can offer a large drink selection without all kinds of  pitchers, cans or bottles laying around. This saves you money and space!!

Esio is better than other drink delivery systems as it delivers hot and cold name brand beverages in seconds with just the touch of a button.  You can select the temperature, strength and size of your drink.  You can dispense a hot beverage and seconds later dispense a cold drink all from the same machine.  Or you can just dispense hot or cold water with just a touch of a button.  This is awesome as you have no waiting for your water to heat up or no mess to clean up.  My Family uses this everyday and Loves it!

When you buy an Esio Hot and Cold Beverage Dispenser, you can get ready to enjoy your favorite name brand drinks.  These are not the generic drinks, they are the same brands that you know, trust and love.
Just to name a few and our favorites are Country Time lemonade, V8 Splash juices, Apple & Eve apple juice, Brisk iced tea and Crystal Light.  My father's favorite is Maxwell House coffee and they are adding more brands and flavors all the time.

The magic of the Esio Hot and Cold Beverage System is the pump at the end of every Esio beverage E-Pak.
You just drop in your favorite E-Pak, set the strength you desire and press and hold the hot or cold button to dispense the size drink you want.  The E-Pak automatically dispenses your beverage and mixes it with either the hot or cold water to make your perfect drink. Then you can switch back and forth between E-paks without ever any cross over taste. You can switch from a hot drink right to a cold drink and still have the perfect temperature drink. Another great benefit is that each E-Pak automatically self-seals and you can keep using it until it's empty.  Each E-Pak delivers up to 14 8-oz servings and are good for a year with no refrigeration required.

Enjoy "Your Drink. Your Way. Right Away"!!!

Now that You know how easy this is to use and how much my family Loves it, I'm sure you want to know how much they are and where you can get one. Well, you can buy it online or at Walmart.  They sell for about $199 and the E-Paks are about $5 each.

Over the Holiday's I hosted a few parties and many get-togethers.  All of my guests had great comments about the Esio Dispenser and the selection of hot and cold drinks.  They all got to see how easy it was use and they loved it.  Many are interested in buying this unit for their homes.  The only negative comment that I had was the size. Yes,this is a larger unit but in my kitchen it fits perfectly next to my microwave. I reminded them that this is their coffee machine and Cold drink dispenser in one and that changed their mind about this taking up the space.  (As one unit, instead of having multiple, this ended up taking up less space.)

Thank you to MomSelect and Esio for providing me the opportunity to review the Esio Hot and Cold Beverage Dispenser and sample a large variety of E-Paks.  My Family and Friends Love it!!!  This review was written using our honest thoughts and opinions.

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