Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I love watching the Olympics on TV-- Gymnastics is the Best!!!

If you have been here before,   You know that I used to Coach Gymnastics before I went back to work full-time this February.   Gymnastics has always been something I have Loved for many years.  This is such a Great Sport!!!  I Loved doing Gymnastics and Competing when I was much younger.  I dedicated alot of years to Gymnastics.  Training 4 Hours a night, 6 days a week, it wasn't always easy but is was well worth it.  Until, I got injured and decided to give it up.  Sometimes, I look back and regret that decision but so many paths along the way makes me who I am.  I went back to Gymnastics years later as a Coach.   Then Again Years later to Coach Again.  I would still be coaching today if I could juggle it all, but I can't really fit it in my schedule.
I miss all the kids at the gym & the other coaches as they hold a special place in my heart.  I need to stop in to the gym and see all the progress that everyone has made.

Watching Gymnastics on TV... These Girls and Guys make it look so easy.  Anyone who has ever done Gymnastics will know that these skills are Extremely dangerous and these athletes put alot of training in this sport.   I hope that watching the Olympics on TV, rather it be Gymnastics , Swimming, Basketball or your favorite sport, that it inspires the young kids to be the Best they Can.  Training in any sport, is alot of work but it can be alot of fun and rewarding too.

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