Monday, February 27, 2012

Bad Service

Guest post from: Mohamed Simon

I’ve got to look into finding a new direct tv service provider. Who we use now just isn’t working. I don’t know if it is something in their control or not, but we’ve lived in our new house for six months, and I have had to call them over 10 times to report issues with my television and internet. One minute it is working just fine, and the next I can’t get the darn thing to come on. It will say “searching for signal” or “wireless connection not available.” We do live pretty far out of town, and maybe it has something to do with that? I don’t know. They are always super nice and helpful, and usually can talk me through what to do to fix it over the phone, but it often takes up to 45 minutes. It is so frustrating to have to do that so often. They sent a guy out here last month to check it out, and he couldn’t find anything wrong with our setup, so I honestly have no idea.

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