Friday, July 17, 2009

Fitness Friday

It's been a few weeks since I've participated in this event. I still weigh myself regularly & use we the Wiifit. I try to do the aerobics regularly and have been doing the EaSports Active too. I just finished the 30-day challenge this morning. Wow. What a work-out. I can really feel it in my thighs. The squat holds are a killer. I like the Workouts but didn't see really much for Abs. I haven't really lost anymore weight. My Bmi was 23.00 & my weight was 134 this morning. I can't seem to get under that mark. My goal is to have a BMI of 22.39. I am still working out and going to try. These last 5 pounds are moving quite slow. I'm just glad that I am maintaining this weight & haven't gained any back. Today I finally got 4 stars on the advanced step with 640. My highest before then was 622 & only 3 stars. I was happy with this. I still haven't gotten 4 stars on the 10-minute boxing (only 3 stars) but I haven't really been doing the boxing on the wiifit much. I think that I'm going to continue doing both workouts. I just wish the wiifit would tell you how many calories you burned like the EaSports Active does. I know that I can use a pedometer to tell but it's not the same. I am going on vacation next week and won't be posting so I hope that I can say I'm losing at little more weight and my BMI's shrinking the next time I post. Take it easy & keep up the good eating habits & exercise.


Colleen said...

Have fun with Petes family, just save some for me visitting too lol!

You are doing great, and I am sure I will be extremely jealous when I get there and see how thin you are!

Heart4Missions said...

I just joined Momspective as Heart4Missions and was trying to leave a comment (unsuccessfully, I might add, about Ocean Isle Inn weekend giveaway) when I noticed yours about getting RSS feeds via e-mail. Can you tell me how to do this if it's not too complicated? Thanks. P.S. I've checked off the box with my EMA for follow-up but I don't know if that will display or how that works. You can tell I'm a novice to all this stuff.